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The Sons - Svensson Anton
The Sons - Svensson Anton
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In the second part of the highly acclaimed and internationally bestselling series Made in Sweden, one brother fictionalises the real crimes of his own family for a remarkable and epic novel After six years in prison, Sweden's most notorious criminal Leo Duvnjac is free, acquitted of all but two of the ten bank robberies he and his two younger brothers pulled off While behind bars, he befriended Sam Larsen, who was convicted of murdering his own father - and also happens to be the brother of the cop who caught Leo, Detective John Broncks With Sam at his side, Leo seeks out his now-law-abiding brothers for one last job and a chance at redemption - or revenge But Bronks is on to him, and Leo's father has other plans for his sons Now two sets of brothers will play out the tragic and thrilling destinies of childhoods built on heartbreaking betrayal Praise for The Father and The Sons
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